Candidate of the Perikatan Nasional for DUN Teratai, Dato Chew Han Keai, has unveiled his plan to organize the “Teratai Light Festival” as a gesture of appreciation to the residents in the area, should he emerge victorious in the upcoming State Election (PRN).
He elucidates that the event is designed with the purpose of promoting Teratai, boosting income, elevating the status of Teratai, introducing a novel tourism concept, and fostering cultural diversity. He also noted that, after spending over two weeks in the area, there are several untapped tourist attractions that would become favored destinations for many young individuals.
Therefore, he believes that through promotional efforts and enhancements, these attractions can entice local and international tourists to visit, subsequently invigorating local economic activities and benefiting local merchants.
“We shall organize the Teratai Light Festival, a captivating event featuring illuminations that will illuminate the night sky of Teratai, showcasing the allure and unique culture of this region.”
He stated that the objective of this event is to formulate a new tourism concept for Teratai, incorporating it as a part of Selangor’s tourism activities, and establishing an annual or monthly cultural event that is inclusive for all communities while captivating the interest of the younger generation to participate.
“Through this event, we aspire to position Teratai as a premier tourist destination in Selangor. Our aim is not solely to elevate Teratai to a higher platform and enhance its prominence in Selangor but also throughout the nation and the world.”
He opined that, crucially, the introduced tourist attractions will augment the revenue of local merchants.
“The initial concept of this event is to host the Teratai Light Festival at the Taman Muda area or a more suitable location with various booths for merchant product exhibitions. The exhibition will comprise elegant light installations and decorations, creating a picturesque nocturnal ambiance.”